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10 Mar 2016
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I've been reading this forum for a long time and would like to congratulate everybody with passing first.
I've got call today from the Embassy being told I've passed the primary screening (interview).
They also have mentioned that I still can change the order of the universities in the placement paper till the end of the week before they send my application for to Japan.
Now I'm stucked with whether to choose Doushishya or Osaka daigaku.
Does anybody have any information on these two universities as a nikkensei student?
Main questions are:
1. Give some details on what level have you gained in any of this university and how would you rank overall japanese teaching level.
2. Have been you living in dormitory? What prices are there for renting a room or paying for the dormitory?
3. Suita is a small city full of universities though. Have you had any issues on communicating with Japanese there? What about Kyoto? As I've heard majority of people is more friendly in Osaka. Is it true and if it is, does this states Osaka city only or Osaka prefecture at all?
4. What's about clubs in those universities? I've seen a lot of club information in Doushishya. What's about Osaka daigaku?
5. I am vegetarian. Are there any issues with vegetarian products. Nothing special: just vegetables and fruits. Also are there any vegetarian cafés in Suita city?
6. As far as I understand, Suita city is a kind of rural area. What are pros and cons living in a small town in Japan in comparison with Kyoto, for example?
7. Is there a normal cultural life in Osaka university? I mean music club, university orchestras etc?

Please provide any additional information beside those questions as it also can help I think.
Speaking of myself, my main reason of going nikkensei is to gain knowledge of Japanese. I definitely sure I'm not nightlife searcher and also not interested in deepening my historical knowledge by visiting some old and ancient places. Though I like green and peaceful places to live in.

Ask for any detailed info if need.
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29 Jun 2014
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Also interested in Osaka university and wondering exactly the same things as you. I hope you will get some answers.


12 Oct 2013
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Given the opportunity to live in either Kyoto or Osaka, I wouldn't hesitate to live in Kyoto. While Osaka is a major city with all the attractions and diversions of a major city, I think Kyoto offers more in the way of cultural and historical attractions, opportunities to escape to the mountains, and perhaps a very slight edge in being "foreigner-friendly". Kyoto is truly one of the world's great historical cities and will give you the experience of a lifetime. Drawbacks are,
1. Often very congested with tourists. Fine if you understand the busy times and know the fastest way to get from point A to point B, but it will be frustrating if you are trying to arrange a spontaneous trip to the other side of town during, for example, Gion festival.
2. Kyoto has its own dialect, which can be challenging for students of Japanese.
3. Because it is a massive tourist destination, you might find it a bit too foreigner-friendly (especially if you are looking for an immersion experience). I think this is a two-way street though; if you want to speak only Japanese, you can do it in Kyoto. But this would be true for Osaka as well (although Suita, being a suburb, might afford a more "immersive" experience).

Doshisha is a very well-respected university. You can be proud of having that experience on your resume.

Disclaimer: I have never lived in either Osaka or Kyoto. I have visited both a number of times.
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