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30 Jul 2019
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The above is the Japanese subtitle for the game, "La Pucelle" (ラ・ピュセル) for the Playstation 2. I know that "伝説" is "Legend" & "光の" is "of Light," but I can't figure out if "聖女" should be "Holy Maiden" or just "Maiden," assuming that they aren't simply interchangeable in this instance.

I know that the game's official English translation used "Maiden of Light," for “光の聖女,” but that very same translation uses "Church of the Holy Maiden" for "聖女会." As far as I'm aware there's no point in the English version where anyone says "Holy Maiden of Light."

I'm uncertain if these are both equally viable translations or if they decided to take some liberties because "Holy Maiden of Light" & "Church of the Holy Maiden of Light" sounded too wordy/redundant. Looking up "聖女" in other translated media seems to typically result in either "St."/"Saint," "Maiden" or "Holy Maiden,"


12 Oct 2013
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They took liberties with the translation. Perhaps they felt that a game called "Saint of Light" or "Holy Maiden of Light", would be too heavy, too commercially unattractive, or that it might lead to unwanted associations with western religion.

I think its safe to say that they want this character to be seen as something pure and "blessed" in a way, but they don't necessarily want the player to think of her as a Catholic saint.
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