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Question 何が versus 何か


27 Apr 2018
Hello, friends:

Here are two sentences from my Minna textbook:
  • 机の上に何置いてありますか。
  • あなたの部屋の壁に何掛けてありますか。

The chapter that contains these sentences explains the construction noun + が + て-form transitive verb + あります.

I have two questions:
  1. in the second sentence, does the indefinite-making particle か make an exception to the が rule above?
  2. is there a nuance in meaning between the two sentences, i.e. that first implies an expectation that there is probably something on my desk, whereas the second sentence makes no such implication that there is anything hung on my wall?
Thanks very much.
The first question is asking what the thing on the desk is, whereas the second one is asking if there is something on the wall. Thus, your understanding about the difference in meaning between those two sentences is not so wrong.
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