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ミュジカル美少女戦士セーラームーン Amour Eternal: On Demand in Japan Only?!

Winged Scarab

16 Aug 2011
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So I've been following the Sailor Moon musical, Amour Eternal. News was finally released that there will be a streamable performance for the last date of the show (November 11th, 2016). However it has just been revealed to me that Niconico will not have access to it according to the article at Sailor Moon News. Most likely due to the fact that it isn't a livestream, but a video that will be available after the fact. Of the sites listed that will have the video available for streaming, the author of the article states that there is uncertainty of the viewing eligibility outside of Japan due to region blocks. Anyone here know if any of the following sites do not have a region block?
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