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としょかんでほんをかりた? vs としょかんからほんをかりた?


19 Feb 2017
Hi guys. Which of these is more natural/makes more sense in Japanese? In my textbook example the former is used, though in English you would rarely hear someone say "I borrowed a book IN the library" (although it is grammatically accurate) and would more likely hear the latter ("borrowed a book FROM the library"). Are their usages between languages different or exactly the same?

Both are used, but で would be more common. Your understanding about the two articles is correct, therefore only から is used for instance in the following situation. You are in a library, but they don't have the book you are looking for, so they tell you that they can borrow the book from another library. When they borrow it from another library for you, and you don't borrow it in another library, 他の図書館から借りましょうか is used. In other words, if they say 他の図書館借りられますよ, it means you need to go another library.
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