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てっきり usage


26 Jan 2004
Hi all,

May I know what is the meaning of てっきり ?

I was given a sample:

てっきり 雪が降った思った

Is the sample correct?
Elizabeth said:
てっきり (adv) surely; certainly; beyond doubt; (P)

Thanks, but how about the meaning of the sample?

Verbatim meaning would be:

"Surely that I thaught there was snowing."

But I was told that it carries the meaning of :

"I thaught it has snowed, but it actually didn't."

Please help. thanks
I've seen it used with ~~~to omotta (need the "to") meaning something like
I thought surely/for sure ~~~. In this case "I thought surely it snowed/had snowed...." which in English is also used to express surprise at an unexpected outcome.
Oh yeah, you are correct, I didn't notice that I missed the "to"

The actually sample should be:

てっきり 雪が降ったと思った

"I thought surely/for sure that it had snowed."

But the sentence doesn't indicate whether or not it had snowed.

I was told that this form of sentence carries negative meaning, like:

You thought of something, which actually didn't happen/not true.

Can anyone clarify this?
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