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6 Jul 2017
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Well,I tried to give my introduction in English but, how I said, im just learning, i would be very greatful if you people help me to improve my knowledge.

Hello PXSoul,
Welcome to the board. I would say your first task is to watch out when converting hiragana into kanji. Your 石尾 should probably be 一緒, right? If you are a beginner you can stick with hiragana and people will understand from the context. Also,
おはございまず → おはよございます
日本語を話せる人をしていません → 日本語を話せる人をしっていません(知っていません)probably.
こんにちわ民あーさん → こんにちはみなさん or こんにちはみんなさん
The use of わ instead of は in your thread title is also pretty acceptable nowadays, although purists might insist you use は.
Some other errors in your second sentence, but still understandable.
Good luck with your studies.
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Welcome to the forum, @PXSoul ! I believe you are our first member from Cuba! :)
はい majestic、一緒と意味をほしい。
ありがとうございます、im really greatful。 僕の問題は日本語の先生を知らない。I’ve  been studying all by myself.I hope here i can practice and learn more. Which section do you recommend me?

thomas, どうぞよろしく、ここにたくさんの人は日本のことを好きです。
There is a section on the site called "Learning Nihongo". Take a look around there, and you can see all sorts of different subjects related to learning Japanese.

Another hint: when typing in English, make sure you use the normal spacing. Right now your English sentences are using the same spacing as the Japanese spacing, and it looks slightly bizarre. See the difference? ↓

I’ve  been studying all by myself.
I've been studying all by myself.
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