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4 Aug 2015
Hello, in that sentence:


一度お返しした本 is the object right? The book that was once returned or given back (or am I wrong?)
and 贈ってくださった is 贈る, te form + 下さる past tense (wouldn't be more polite to say 贈ってくださいました?)
So, the person who is speaking says that he was gifted that book that he once returned to Mr. Satou...right?

Thank you!
砂糖さん is a typo of 佐藤さん, right?;)

Your interpretation can be correct. The speaker was gifted it from Satō. Grammatically, another interpretation that Satō is the subject of お返しした is also possible. In this case, the subject of 贈ってくださった is someone else than Satō. Only the context can determine which is correct.

The direction of the respect of くださった is towards the presenter of the book, whereas the direction is towards the one the speaker is talking to in the polite form くださいました. Thus, there is no need to use the polite form when they are talking to their friend, for instance.
Hahaha! Yes sorry, looks like have been too fast with the conversion without noticing it or Mr. Satou is a very sweet man. (strange, it gave 佐藤 first though) ^^;
Thanks for your explanation.
Someone told me it's "The book you (Satou) had once returned to me, I again am returning this to you"
but it seems strange to me that the speaker would be the subject of 贈ってくださった.
And 贈る is to give as a gift not sending back, Confused...
Simply, that translation is wrong. The speaker cannot be the subject of 贈ってくださった, as you understand correctly, and the speaker, either, cannot be the recipient (the one who was returned the book) of お返しした, since, if so, that means the speaker shows respect to themselves.

The speaker is talking to Satō, by the way? If so, it seems to me that that sentence is incomplete. I don't know the context, but the speaker would stop saying something that follows it, for instance 贈ってくださったから, 贈ってくださったでしょ or something like that.
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