1. JREF

    From prominence to obscurity: a study of the Darumashū : Japan's first Zen school 2018-12-04

    FROM PROMINENCE TO OBSCURITY A study of the Darumashū: Japan’s first Zen school Including annotated translations of Jōtōshōgakuron, Kenshōjōbutsugi and Hōmon taikō A dissertation submitted at Leiden University by Vincent Michaël Nicolaas Breugem on the 30th of May, 2012
  2. Kyoto: City of Zen

    Travel Book Kyoto: City of Zen

    An elaborate kaleidoscope of craft, artistry and religion, Kyoto is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. Art and design form the weft and warp of this vibrant 1,200-year-old city, home to hundreds of gardens, palaces, villas and magnificent wooden temples, including seventeen...
  3. Hyaku-shaku Kannon

    Hyaku-shaku Kannon

    Hyakku-shaku Kannon (百尺観音) on Mount Nokogiri in Chiba Prefecture
  4. yohikari

    translation please for this kanji phrase

    Hi everyone, I just received this kanjis from a friend of mine, who received from his zen master. Can anyone help me whith the meaning of these? (also, sorry for my poor/bad english skills, i am from Argentina) Thank you very much!! [/URL][/IMG]
  5. milkcowangel

    Zen Garden Music: Traditional Japanese Music Playlist

    1 HOUR Relaxing Music for Stress Relief and Healing | Nature Sounds for spa, meditation,sleep
  6. Sengai Gibon

    Art Sengai Gibon

    Sengai Gibon (仙厓義梵, 1750-1837) was a Zen painter and calligrapher whose ink drawings are characterised by a warm, satiric and often self-critical humour. He was born into a family of poor farmers in Mino (modern-day Gifu Prefecture) and became a monk of the Rinzai School of Buddhism at the age...
  7. Drenching


    Sengai's "Drenching"
  8. Bodhidharma


    Sengai's "Bodhidharma"
  9. Dog


    Sengai's "Dog"
  10. Yawning Hotei

    Yawning Hotei

    Sengai's "Hotei Yawning"
  11. Frog


    Sengai's "Meditating Frog"
  12. Ebisu


    Sengai's "Ebisu", the Lucky God of fishermen and merchants, holding a rod with a large red snapper
  13. Tiger


    Sengai's "Tiger"
  14. Hotei


    Sengai's "Hotei Pointing at the Moon"
  15. Kanzan and Jittoku

    Kanzan and Jittoku

    Sengai's "Kanzan and Jittoku"
  16. Self-portrait


    Self-portrait of Sengai
  17. Circle, Triangle and Square

    Circle, Triangle and Square

    Sengai's most famous drawing, Circle, Triangle and Square.
  18. Hojo


    The Hojo Hall (方丈) are the abbot's living quarters located next to a pond shaped like the character 心 (kokoro "heart").
  19. Hokan Shaka Nyorai

    Hokan Shaka Nyorai

    Seated statue of Hokan Shaka Nyorai (宝冠釈迦如来 Shakyamuni with a Jeweled Crown) in the center of the Butsuden was made in the late Kamakura period.
  20. Engakuji


    The main entrance of the Engakuji in Kita-Kamakura.