1. Yogai Castle

    Yogai Castle

    Yōgai Castle, also known as Yōgaiyama Castle (要害山城 Yōgaiyama-jō), is a Sengoku-era hilltop castle built in the former province of Kai (modern-day Yamanashi Prefecture). The castle was constructed in 1520 by Takeda Nobutora (武田 信虎, 1494-1574) as a "castle of last refuge," in contrast to...
  2. Tsutsujigasaki Residence

    Tsutsujigasaki Residence

    The Tsutsujigasaki Residence (躑躅ヶ崎館 Tsutsuji-ga-saki Yakata) was the residence of the Takeda clan. In 1519, Takeda Nobutora (武田信虎, 1494-1574), the father of the famous Shingen, transferred his base from Isawa to Tsutsujigasaki. After that, Shingen (武田信玄, 1521-1573) and Nobutora's grandson...
  3. Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen (武田信玄, 1521-1573) was one of the most prominent warlords of the Sengoku period and the daimyō of Kai Province (modern-day Yamanashi).
  4. Matsuhime-toge


    View onto Otsuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, while climbing Matsuhime-toge (P). Photo courtesy of Joe Wein.