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  1. Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen

    Statue of Takeda Shingen in front of Kofu Station, Yamanashi Prefecture
  2. Kofu Castle

    Kofu Castle

    Kofu Castle in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture
  3. Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

    Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

    Fuefukigawa Fruit Park (山梨県笛吹川フルーツ公園), a popular family destination with gardens, play equipment and glass domes housing a fruit museum, greenhouse and more; famous for its night view (one of Japan's top three night-view spots). Photo credit: duke.yuin.
  4. Shosenkyo Gorge

    Shosenkyo Gorge

    Shōsenkyō Gorge (昇仙峡), a scenic spot of great natural beauty about an hour's drive north of Kōfu (photo credit: acase1968).
  5. Minobusan Kuonji Temple

    Minobusan Kuonji Temple

    Minobusan Kuon-ji Temple (身延山久遠寺), the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, founded by Nichiren in 1281 (photo credit: kimagurenote).
  6. Yamanashi Travel Guide

    Travel Yamanashi Travel Guide

    Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県 Yamanashi-ken) is located in central Honshū and bordered by Tōkyō, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Nagano, and Saitama prefectures. It is one of only eight landlocked prefectures in Japan. The terrain is mostly mountainous, and the principal ranges include the Kantō (关东山地), the...
  7. S

    Travel Places to visit/things to do in Yamanashi

    Visiting in laws atm and we originally planned to take a trip to Kyoto but with all the coronavirus stuff going on we are instead planning to stay within Yamanashi or surrounding areas. We've already been to Kyoto a couple of times and seen the major things there so not a huge loss. It'd be...
  8. Yogai Castle

    Castle Yogai Castle

    Yōgai Castle, also known as Yōgaiyama Castle (要害山城 Yōgaiyama-jō), is a Sengoku-era hilltop castle built in the former province of Kai (modern-day Yamanashi Prefecture). The castle was constructed in 1520 by Takeda Nobutora (武田 信虎, 1494-1574) as a "castle of last refuge," in contrast to...
  9. Tsutsujigasaki Residence

    Castle Tsutsujigasaki Residence

    The Tsutsujigasaki Residence (躑躅ヶ崎館 Tsutsuji-ga-saki Yakata) was the residence of the Takeda clan. In 1519, Takeda Nobutora (武田信虎, 1494-1574), the father of the famous Shingen, transferred his base from Isawa to Tsutsujigasaki. After that, Shingen (武田信玄, 1521-1573) and Nobutora's grandson...
  10. Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen

    Takeda Shingen (武田信玄, 1521-1573) was one of the most prominent warlords of the Sengoku period and the daimyō of Kai Province (modern-day Yamanashi).
  11. Matsuhime-toge


    View onto Otsuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, while climbing Matsuhime-toge (P). Photo courtesy of Joe Wein.
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