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  1. E

    Question WW2 Japanese Navy Flag?

    I'm trying to figure out exactly what this flag means, what it signifies, and if it could be authentic. A friend of mine recently inherited a box full of his grandfather's belongings from his military days, but he is unable to identify this piece. I've never seen anything like it and was hoping...
  2. L

    Help Japanese Flag brought back by Navy Cross recipient

    Hello, this forum has helped me a lot with memorabilia. I purchased this flag along with another that were brought back from a Marine who saw combat in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. I’ve been told the owner of this flag was “Sadao Yatani” I’m hoping if anyone can translate a unit or address on this...
  3. L

    Help Flag and Wax Seal Translation

    Hello everyone, I posted this on a militaria forum and was given this link by another user to help me out. These items came back from Saipan in 1944. Any help with translating the flag or the symbol on the wax seal is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone, Luke
  4. D

    Need help with translation (WWII Japanese Good luck flag)

    Ive always wanted a Good luck flag but not knowing the Japanese im suspicious about it being fake. any help is apprecated.
  5. J

    Question Japan- China Silk Map

    I have a silk map that appears to be a Japanese "war" map of a city in China showing streets but this is a guess on my part. Pre-WW2 as it has "bi-planes"? Really appreciate any help on this.
  6. G

    Question WW2 Japanese Flag?

    Does this flag look original? As in does it look like it’s a fake, it’s from Griffin Militaria and I’ve never heard anything about them. Any translating will help as well. Thanks!
  7. T

    Help with this WW2 Japanese flag, please?

    Japanese WWII flag by Tarheelrebel posted Jun 27, 2018 at 17:12
  8. CalvinJH

    Japanese Flags (yet another) - Please help clarify if fake (v2)

    Hey all, Long time no post, I'm looking for help with some translations again, I was hoping if someone could clarify if this flag is fake/real. Cheers, - Calvin
  9. J

    Need help with the translation of the kanji of 10 badges

    I have 10 pictures posted sorry for the amount. Have purchased in one set. I am grateful to all the help.
  10. J

    Does anyone know this Japanese military insignia? And is it from WWII?

    All information is welcome!!
  11. J

    Need help with the Kanji on this badge.

    I need help with the Kanji on this badge. Furthermore, all inforamtie welcome. Thanks.
  12. Kamikaze

    History Kamikaze

    Kamikaze (神風) means “wind of the gods” or “divine wind,” and has been used as a “pillow word” (枕詞 makura kotoba, an epithet) for the province of Ise (present-day Mie Prefecture). The term was also applied to a strong prevailing wind off the coast of Ise and several neighbouring provinces...
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