write japanese

  1. thomas rrr

    Does it looks like death ? 死 (for japanese writers and speakers)

    Hi everyone, I do a typographic artistic project and i saw that le word/letter "death" in japanese Kanji is this : 死 And i figured that, visualy, it looked like a bit like the english word "THE" so i would like to change 死 to make it look more like "THE" without changing it too much so we can...
  2. xTIDx

    Is this correct?

    Would じしょはどこですか。be "Where is the dictionary"? And how would you say where is my dictionary?
  3. kenjipapa

    Video: how to write Japanese

    Hello everyone. I made a 20video of how to write Japanese(youtube). It is video of how to write japanese katakana =10video. and japanese hiragana =10video. I am wondering whether will make the next series Do you think is it useful?