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world heritage

  1. Nihonkai Tour 2018 - Day 7

    Nihonkai Tour 2018 - Day 7

    Typhoon No. 20 ('Cimaron') left flooded rivers, disrupted train services and several thousands of households without electricity in its wake, but caused no further havoc to Himeji. The post-typhoon high-pressure guaranteed perfect photo conditions (the photos below were taken with a smartphone...
  2. thomas

    Travel News Hidden Christian sites added to World Heritage list

    Twelve locations in Kyushu linked to the history of the hidden Christians have been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Shitsu Church in Nagasaki (Photo credit: TBS VISION, Inc) Oura Cathedral in Nagasaki (Photo credit: Nagasaki Prefecture) UNESCO adds Japanese sites linked...
  3. Japan's World Heritage Sites

    Travel Book Japan's World Heritage Sites

    "It's a nice tome for armchair travel, whisking you off around the country from where you sit—or time travel, taking you back to that life-changing decade-lost holiday and old friends."—The Japan Times Visit the most compelling cultural and nature sites in all of Japan with this beautifully...
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