work in japan

  1. D

    Qualifications for work in Japan?

    Hello, I was hoping that someone could answer a few of the questions that I have about getting a job in Japan. So let me tell you about myself, currently I am trying to get a diploma in the field of computing and information technologies on a university in Slovenia and am planning to try and...
  2. ARThomas

    Japan ALT Research

    Dear All, I'm writing to you all to request for help and/or participation in my current research into the use of Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) in Japanese elementary schools. This research attempts to look into the level of training that ALTs partake in before teaching and how they are used...
  3. Daniel Lucas

    Employment Seeking in Japan

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to hire someone based in Tokyo to work as a Technical Sales Representative. we need someone who speaks Japanese, English and hopefully also Korean. Which job sites would be best to advertise on please?
  4. ChugokuRiben

    What degree should I get?

    Hey guys, I know there was essentially the exact question asked about a decade ago, but things might have changed and would really like some opinions here. I'm currently a 2nd year Uni student studying Computer and Network Engineering and Business, looking to major in International Business in...
  5. J

    Finding a career in Japan

    While I was an undergrad I met my fiancée, but after she graduated she did not receive a work visa. I was still in grad school in a different city, because of this marriage for a visa was not an option. I am about to finish my masters in TESOL, but I am unsure the best way to find a teaching job...
  6. Axel57

    Working in Japan - Advice Appreciated

    Hey guys, first off I appreciate you looking this over. To attempt to condense the information I got I'll speak quickly since I am asking for your input after all. I want to work in Japan. I'm residing in the states a year after graduation and would rather not stay here with some mundane entry...