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  1. smartkanji

    SmartKanji: Your shortcut to kanji mastery?

    SmartKanji is softlaunching! We've analyzed millions of documents across genres, and now we're ready to let you learn kanji the smart way. Our results show that by learning just 500 kanji (+compounds) in the right order, you can read around 70% of most Japanese content. Hop on over to SmartKanji...
  2. Goldfire20

    The gift of...? Word help needed

    Hi, I was thinking about how you say "The gift of something", like "The gift of happiness", or "The gift of love" etc. But I'm not sure which word I should use for gift in this case. Would 贈り物 be ok? Or is that only used for presents? Would 幸福の贈り物 mean "The gift of happiness" or something...