waseda university

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    Applying to Graduate School

    hello everyone! I am in my last year of undergraduate education, and looking to apply at graduate schools. I plan on applying to Waseda, Keio, Sophia, and Tokyo universities. As a plus, it may not be, I did an exchange program In the spring semester of 2017 at Waseda. My major is Economics. My...
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    Waseda University Student life question

    Hi, I'm currently a student from California is going to be starting in Waseda in the fall. I was wondering if you guys can tell me what are some clubs that I can join in order to meet students who are very social, like going out, enjoy group activities. I looked into groups that are...
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    Can I get into Waseda?

    Hello guys! I'm a Korean guy who is currently studying in the Philippines I got interested in going to university in Japan after learning their culture and language for few months. After going to Japan myself and looking into some university, I thought Waseda university would be cool. Currently...