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  1. Jessman

    Japanese Good Luck Flag

    Hey guys! I've been reading up on the Japanese good luck flags of WW2. This forum has been a great treasure trove of knowledge! I'm excited to say that I have purchased one of the fantastic pieces of history and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about this particular flag. There's not...
  2. SusuKacangSoya

    Imperial Japanese Surrender Cards

    I tried typing it out on my own, but I don't recognise a lot of the Kanji, and it took like half an hour just to get the first one done. Can someone provide a transcript and translation? Thank you for your time ^-^
  3. Tuna

    Peace Survey from Nagasaki!

    Hello there! I am an ALT in Nagasaki. I'm helping my JHS kids with their Peace Project. (Peace is a big thing in Nagasaki for obvious reasons) They made an English survey to see what foreigners think about Japan, how they perceive peace in general, and if they know that atomic bombs were dropped...
  4. ddblue0

    North Korea just shot a long-range missile over Japan

    Hey guys, it seems another long-range missile was fired over Japan by North Korea. I didn't watch TV today, so even though I live in Yokohama I was not aware it had happened. Some forums I frequent had mentioned it, and I hear if you were in Okinawa your phone alert might have even gone off! I...
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