1. thomas

    Travel News Volcano erupts in Gunma

    As this affected a popular ski resort near Kusatsu I guess it qualifies as tourism-related news. ‘I thought I was going to die’: One killed and 11 injured after Gunma volcano erupts...
  2. Mount Omuro

    Travel Mount Omuro

    Mount Omuro (大室山 Ōmuroyama) is a volcano south of Ito City on the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula. Extinct for 3,700 years, the cone-shaped mountain is completely covered in grass and has a circular trail around its crater mound at an altitude of 580 meters. The trail is about one kilometre...
  3. Osorezan

    Travel Osorezan

    Osorezan (恐山, Mount Osore, 879 m), often transliterated as "Mount Fear" or "Mountain of Terror", is a composite volcano located on Shimokita Peninsula in the north of Aomori Prefecture. It is part of the Shimokita Peninsula Quasi-National Park. Lake Usori (宇曾利湖) is in the centre of its caldera...
  4. Ayako Yvan   (In front of Fuji San )

    Ayako Yvan (In front of Fuji San )

    In front of Fujiyama near Gotenba