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  1. Spelling Game for memorizing Japanese Vocabulary

    Spelling Game for memorizing Japanese Vocabulary

    Here, I want to recommend a good Android App to learn and memorize Japanese vocabulary. Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) (Available in Google Play Store) Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) - Apps on Google Play I found that it contains many vocabulary (cover JLPT N5 up to N1) with awesome text UI, and...
  2. H

    Intermediate level vocabulary

    I’m currently learning Japanese at an intermediate level. I tested myself by listening to a dialogue on YT (link: ). However, I found that I could not understand a lot of the things they were talking about. I know that at this point, you’d just tell me to keep learning and practising, but I...
  3. D

    To repeat (word, sentence)

    Hi, I've mostly studied Japanese on my own, so I don't have the best reference for when I'm saying things correctly and I could use some help as I start to express more complicated ideas. So, with that in mind, I'd appreciate any help you could give me on the following idea I'm trying to...
  4. M

    Made an iPhone/iPad game for Japanese learners of English.

    Just a quick shill here. I've made a game for the iPhone/iPad with over 3000 vocabulary to learn. Simple things from basic colors, to really more difficult words like "fallacy" and "nomenclature" etc. 英語勉強ゲーム - 英語Journey! on the App Store If you're interested, please feel free to give it a...
  5. Winged Scarab

    Expressing Gratitude: aside from ありがとう

    I have been reviewing a lot of my old Japanese lessons as of late and I find that I keep thinking there were words used to express gratitude beyond a simple thank you. I recall ありがとう and the more polite どうもありがとうございます/した. But I keep wondering. When trying to express deep gratitude to someone in...
  6. S

    Japanese N5 to N1 Vocabulary and Grammar resources

    Hi, I finished rtk, am going to continue with part 2 and have no knowledge of Grammar or Vocabulary. I am shooting for JLPT N1. If my Questions got answered in another thread, please post the link. Kanji Already learned all from the 6th edition of "Remebering the Kanji", I just started with...
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