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  1. billybob300c

    Translation of a Trailer for a Visual Novel

    A new trailer for a visual novel I'm interested in just came out yesterday and felt the urge to translate it, but I just want to make sure that I'm at least close to the meaning. I posted my translation under the Japanese characters and marked the areas red that I 100% wasn't sure on. Thanks...
  2. MiKandiJP

    [Libra of the Vampire Princess] Bishoujo VN Kickstarter!

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. MiKandi Japan checking in from Akihabara, Tokyo! :D We wanted to let everyone know we've been working directly with XERO to have an official English translation of their upcoming game 'Libra of the Vampire Princess'. If you love bishoujo, chuunibyou, and of...