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  1. D

    How hard is it to get a student visa?

    I am planning on going to a Japanese language school in the future for 6-12 months. Is there any reason my COE/visa could get rejected if all of the documents are alright? I heard they might reject you depending on your nationality. My country is a member of the European Union, not that rich but...
  2. KateOmlet

    Question Life and IT job in Japan

    Hi, everybody! Is there anyone who works in Japan as developer, QA specialist or anybody else who works in IT? Is it possible to live in Japan and work for japanese company without education? More precisely, is it legal for a foreigner?🙃 Several years ago I have taken programming and testing...
  3. H

    Help Teaching and spouse visa

    Hello! I'm currently in the process of getting a job in Japan. My husband is coming with me but he will not be sponsored. I'm trying to figure out a dependent/ spouse visa for him but some processes say I need to be in Japan first before he can apply. Is there a way we can get him a Visa so he...
  4. H

    Visa status after quitting studies/job

    Hello, If someone is on a student/working visa in Japan, what happens to the visa and visa status if that person decides to quit the studies or the job? Usually, the visa itself or the residence extends well beyond half or a few years after the day one quits. Is that person still allowed to...
  5. H

    Call for guidance and tips regarding study-to-work transition in Tokyo as a foreigner

    Hello! I plan to transition from studying (I am a postgraduate researcher on a scholarship) to a job in Tokyo. I will invest all the necessary time to make sure I have explored all the options and have really understood the implications of this. Yet, I am posting this to obtain first-hand...
  6. Anatol

    Question Spouse visa extension for only 1 year

    Hi! This is my first post here. I'm just looking for some advice for my next visa extension in Japan. I'm here on a spouse visa. My first visa before entering Japan was a 1 year term which I heard is quite common. I just got my first extension done and received the new residence card today, but...
  7. AdrianLe

    Working holiday visa Japan

    Hello, I'm looking for some officials info about working holiday visa Japan, anybody know websites or something ? Thanks
  8. korewa76

    Online work relating to tax & visa

    Hi everyone. I have been living and woking in Japan for a couple of years. I have full-time employment on a Humanities/Engineer visa. Before moving to Japan I was an audio engineer and video editor for television shows and commercials in several countries. I have been asked to edit & mix shows...
  9. L

    Help How long did it take to get an answer for PR application??

    Hello PR holders, I need your help! How long did it take to get an answer for the Permanent residence visa? It's been 7 months I wasn't asked for any more documents. I'm a spouse of a Japanese National, the problem is that my husband wants to divorce me and doesn't want to wait long ... I've...
  10. K

    How soon do ALTs and Eikaiwas expect you to move?

    Do ALTs and Eikaiwas see a problem with hiring a foreigner that can't go to Japan until 3 months after getting a job offer? (Firms that sponsor Work Visas claim that Visas typically take 2 months to process. This will be followed by a legally required 1 month resignation notice period at my...
  11. L

    Extra Delay for a SECOND Spouse VISA Application?

    Hello, (I have posted another question on this forum but this is a separate question that I would like to treat separately so don't worry about the other thread if you have read both please :)) Here is the situation; I am a Canadian citizen. 2007, I got married in Japan to a Japanese...
  12. L

    Spouse VISA with no Work and no Savings?

    Hello, I would like to describe a situation and see if anybody has any similar experience from which to give me any advice :) I am a citizen of Canada, my wife is a citizen of Japan. We have been living in Canada for the past three years. My wife has Permanent Resident Status here in Canada...
  13. D

    A Guide to sponsoring someone's visa?

    Hey all, My friend has a video company in Japan and wants to sponsor me to work for her. We need some kind of guide on how to get the Certificate of Eligibility. Does anyone have a website or guide for that? Hopefully a site that gives tips on how to have a better chance of getting it. Thanks!
  14. Rya

    Post Graduate Degree accepted for Work Visa

    I have recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which is ordinarily the equivalent to or greater than a bachelors degree.I do not have a bachelors degree as I went with the work experience entry route at my university.I plan on eventually upgrading to full MBA in...
  15. ThatGamerGuy

    Long-term visa without job/student qualifiers? (business visa??)

    What is the easiest way to get a long-term visa without job/student qualifiers? TL;DR: - I want to live in Japan and want to start a small business, but not sure if it will ever bring a profit, or how long it will take to become profitable. I'm also not sure if proving you can make a profit is...
  16. Nihon Scope

    COE over 30 Years Old

    I've applied for FFLC in Fukuoka through Go Go Nihon, and I've read that Japanese immigration seems to look down on people who want to go to school when their over 30 years old. Would this cause any issues you think with getting my COE approved? I'll be going to Japan in April with my wife who...
  17. korewa76

    Visa application waiting period

    Hi, some advice please. I applied for a humanities visa in December at the Kanagawa immigration office, changing from a student visa. It's been 8 weeks and I still have not received a notice to fetch my visa. I have called them 3 times already and was told it was "still being processed". Anyone...
  18. zsoke

    Cultural activities visa - but what exactly are "cultural activities"?

    Hi everyone, just like many other expats,I would also like to set foot in Japan. Now the easiest way when you don`t have a degree or a sponsor (or both) is to go there on a cultural activities visa. And that`s when my questions come into picture: 1. How do you know if an activity is considered...
  19. Erik Tate

    How to Acquire Student Visa While in Japan

    Hi, I am a college student from America, who is now currently on vacation in Japan. I am going to start studying at Saitama University at the end of September. I was wondering how I would go about getting a student visa from a Japanese Embassy or Immigration Services. I already have my...
  20. S

    Can you recommend a me a lawyer?

    Hi all I am looking for a lawyer who can assist me with the following matters: 1. Land ownership 2. Inheritance tax 3. Visa matters My Japanese is not good enough for this, so I need an English speaking lawyer, and preferrably one who deals mostly with foreigners. Thanks
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