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  1. elio789

    Transfer University

    Hello everyone. I am a Freshman college student at Rutgers University majoring in business. I want to continue m education next year in Japan. However, I'm having a hard time finding a school that I will be able to join with my college credits. I want to go to a good school but not an ivy league...
  2. Toastiee

    College Recommendations in Japan?

    Hello! I'm a bit curious about colleges in Japan, and which ones would be most suitable for what I offer and what I want to learn. For some background, I'm an American with a 4.01 GPA weighted ( A-B student, with a few Advanced Placement/Honors courses. This is on a 5.0 scale, if not clear...
  3. Daryk Childs

    MEXT Scholarship Continuation

    I apologize if this is already a topic, if there is a forum currently available on this question, let me know! I am a MEXT Japanese Studies Scholarship at Kobe university. I will finish in August. I won't have to do any school after that to graduate with my undergraduate degree. I want to go to...
  4. Ennie Marie

    Undergraduate MEXT art scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all in the best of condition. I'm a new member here, first forum, woo-hoo (please don't murder me)! I'm in need of answers for five of my questions. Hopefully someone will send them soon. Replies are very much appreciated. 1. Has there ever been any MEXT...
  5. Shree

    Help Graduate Admissions through Univ Recommendation+MEXT Funded

    Hi friends, I am so glad that I found this forum. I appreciate everyone's help and support, trust me it is really useful for people like me. Sorry for putting a new thread as I couldn't find proper info's on the university recommendation (or i missed may be). Can anybody help me with my case ...
  6. Sissada

    MEXT: Question; University recommendation and admission fee

    Question: I just got accepted to a university and was recommended for the MEXT scholarship. The university asked me to transfer nearly 300,000 yen for the admission fee to secure my position for the MEXT. Is this regular procedure? I've never of this regulation before. Wouldn't it be weird for a...
  7. A

    Can anyone who applied for university recommendation (research) share their experience?

    Hi, I'm extremely interested in applying for MEXT (UTokyo or Kyoto) for research students but am unsure to go through embassy or university. Can people who applied for university recommendation share their experience? What were the procedures? Any advice? Is GPA very important? (I have a low...
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