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university of tokyo

  1. Shree

    Help Graduate Admissions through Univ Recommendation+MEXT Funded

    Hi friends, I am so glad that I found this forum. I appreciate everyone's help and support, trust me it is really useful for people like me. Sorry for putting a new thread as I couldn't find proper info's on the university recommendation (or i missed may be). Can anybody help me with my case ...
  2. G

    New All-English Science Program at The University of Tokyo

    The University of Tokyo has launched a great program that might be of interest to anyone who is an undergraduate student living abroad and wants to study in Tokyo. The Global Science Course (GSC) is a new undergraduate 2 year-long transfer program for chemistry students. It was designed to...
  3. Ascetic Monk

    GPSS-GLI Interview: Can I please have some advice?

    Hello everyone, I have been shortlisted as a Master's candidate for interview by the GPSS-GLI. I was advised by them that coverage of the interview will be on the short essays, research plan and other documents that I submitted as part of my application. Is there anyone here who has been...
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