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  1. A

    Undergraduate MEXT 2019, should I bother?

    Even though, the Japanese Embassy state the academic requirements for the MEXT undergraduate is... “Applicants must have completed 12 years of regular school education or graduated from a school equivalent to an upper secondary school in Japan.” However I have read the fine lines that say...
  2. E

    MEXT Undergraduate Art

    Hello! I'm a junior in high school and my dream is to go to Japan and study fiber arts and printmaking at either Tokyo Art University or Tamabi, though Tamabi is my dream school. The only way this would be possible is if I was accepted for a MEXT scholarship. I've been looking through the...
  3. Ennie Marie

    Undergraduate MEXT art scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all in the best of condition. I'm a new member here, first forum, woo-hoo (please don't murder me)! I'm in need of answers for five of my questions. Hopefully someone will send them soon. Replies are very much appreciated. 1. Has there ever been any MEXT...
  4. AkaiRin

    Applying to a japanese uni (undergraduate)

    Hello, I'm Rin, 22 y.o from Israel ^^ I am currently interested in applying for a japanese university in japan, for a degree(学士) in japanese in the field of psychology(BAPSY) . I've found 2 unis that are offering this specific kind of BA - Fukuoka University, And Tokyo Metropolitan University...
  5. D

    MEXT Undergraduate Mathematics

    Hello there everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I was just wondering does anyone know any good study material or scripts for the undergraduate mathematics test. Also where can I see the difference between math A and math B. One last question would be if the EJU syllabus is for MEXT...
  6. D

    Undergraduate Design Universities in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an undergraduate design degree in Australia (I'm just a first year), but I would like to go to Japan for undergraduate design instead. I'm ok with either transferring or reapplying all over again. However, my Japanese is honestly poor, at around JLPT N5. Given...
  7. H

    Urgent MEXT Application Question: How should I hand in my diploma?

    Hello! I will hand in my high school diploma this Tuesday since I will have the interview also. My diploma is in Turkish so I got it translated to English and now I have a paper like: Front page: Notarized photocopy of my original diploma Back page: Notarized English translation. Would having...
  8. A

    Japanese Universities

    Hi, I'm from Sri Lanka and I'm looking for a university to study a bachelor's degree in computer science. I cannot speak japanese and computer science isn't available through Global30. So I'm looking for a university that would teach me japanese in it's first year and then follow the rest of...
  9. Z

    MEXT Undergrad to Masters Extension

    Hi! I am currently a 2nd year undergrad student in Japan through the MEXT Scholarship. I am interested in applying for an extension into Masters for when I graduate but there are a few things I would like to inquire about: (1) Aside from the minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA, are there any...
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