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  1. thomas

    Travel News Tsukiji Fish Market about to close

    Sort of travel-related: next Saturday, October 6, Tsukiji Fish Market will close its gates after 83 years of continuous operation. The new market at Toyosu (“Toyosu Fish Market”) will open on Oct.11. Tsukiji’s outer market with all the restaurants and retailers will remain at their present...
  2. Tsukiji 2016

    Tsukiji 2016

    Tsukiji fish market on a crisp autumn morning
  3. thomas

    Travel Tsukiji relocation postponed

    Good news for tourists and those residents (like me) who haven't visited Tsukiji fish market yet: Photo: Reuters / Japan Times Smelling something fishy, Koike puts Tsukiji move on ice Tsukiji fish market relocation facing delay by new Gov. Yuriko Koike
  4. TSV

    Travel Tsukiji Fish Market - Video

    It is sad to know that Tsukiji Market will not reach its 100 birthday before its relocation. I am sure that the new market will be ideal for business but for the rest of us that loved the atmosphere of the good old market, well... Anyway here you are an unusually long video (for us) of the...
  5. thevahid

    6 months post my visit to Japan and it's starting to sink in.....

    What I mean is that I visited back in May and have been editing videos since then and today I finished the last episode. It's weird, but since I was constantly reliving the experiences through my editing it felt like I was there still ( I guess I'm delusional haha). I learned so much from making...
  6. Breakfast at Tsukiji

    Breakfast at Tsukiji

    After wandering around the Tsukiji Fish Market, a visitor can sit down to a delicious meal at a nearby sushi restaurant.
  7. Tsukiji Fish Market

    Tsukiji Fish Market

    Early morning at the Tsukiji Fish Market, December 2010.
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