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  1. Jacey0812

    Services Travel Planner for Tokyo

    Hello! I'm Jacey from Singapore and I personally have learnt Japanese language for 4 years (currently still learning) and I have planned my own sakura and autumn trip to Tokyo by myself in 2016 (total 15 days in Tokyo). I'm very familiar with Tokyo and right now I'm offering a service which is...
  2. B

    What to see in 11 days??

    Hello everyone! In July/August 2017 I'll travel around the world in 34 days. In Japan I'll stay for 11 days. I arrive in Osaka on July 7th and leave in Tokyo on July 17th. Therefore, my question is: What do I visit and where do I go during this short stay? I already booked a Japan Rail Pass...
  3. A

    Living In Kagawa

    Hi, New to this forum so apologies if i've posted this in the wrong section. Im just about to embark on my journey to Japan, provided my working holiday visa gets approved. I am coming over with a slightly different ambition to most of the threads from members I've been reading. I'm actually...
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