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  1. Petaris

    Amnet USA - Sale on flights to Japan

    Hey everyone, this is way late notice as the sale ends tonight but just in-case someone finds it useful. https://travelwithamnet.com/flight-campaign-coming-soon Sale ends at 10 PM EST (USA) tonight. You have to call for info: tel:+18009292663 Some of the "as low as" prices: Departures...
  2. Trip to Japan from the US, August 2022 - Thoughts and impressions

    Trip to Japan from the US, August 2022 - Thoughts and impressions

    Hello, In this post I plan to go over some of the requirements for travel and also my thoughts and impressions of them. Visa: I was traveling with my family to visit my wife's mother. Normally US citizens can take advantage of the Visa Waiver agreement between the US and Japan for visiting...
  3. Seiko

    Japan “Sayonara Tax.” International tourists pay before departure

    One of my co-workers reading the USA Today news paper drop off a cut out article about Japan travel. Knowing i am about to travel out there for work, He wanted to to get my opinion on it. I got a little upset but laugh telling him this year was my last year traveling there. This other person...
  4. A

    Help Would you be interested in becoming a local guide for tourists on remote chat app?

    I need your feedback on this new app we developed, it called 'KINPEN'. Would you use this app? or Would you become a local guide for tourists on remote chat app? A New iPhone app 'KINPEN' is a chat app that tourists ask about local experiences or information to the locals before or during their...
  5. E

    Question Looking for ricefield near or in Shiga Prefecture

    First, Hi everybody, i´m new in this forum, nice to meet you all, sorry if my english is a bit sloppy, but i don´t pratice it quite offten, sooooo... thats that. Now, to the point. It´s just like the tittle stated, i´m looking for ricefields/farms nearby to, or in Shinga Prefecture, i´m working...
  6. N

    Shinkansen from Tokyo to spend 1 day somewhere else in Japan, where?

    Hi everyone :) I'm finally going to Japan at the end of this month. I'll be staying for around 10 days and I want to try the world-famous bullet train. My accommodation is in central Tokyo, so I'll catch an early train to wherever I go so I can make the most of my day before coming back. Now I...
  7. Seeing Japan

    Travel Book Seeing Japan

    A gloriously illustrated book about Japan today— its regions, culture, customs, people, and society Seeing Japan showcases the best of the country today with lavish, full-color photographs and lively text. Introduced here is everything from the natural beauty of the landscape to the everpopular...
  8. Kyoto: City of Zen

    Travel Book Kyoto: City of Zen

    An elaborate kaleidoscope of craft, artistry and religion, Kyoto is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. Art and design form the weft and warp of this vibrant 1,200-year-old city, home to hundreds of gardens, palaces, villas and magnificent wooden temples, including seventeen...
  9. S

    Lets get together?

    Hello, I prefer to go by sun and I am from america. Im looking to connect with other american individuals to get together and plan some travel. Maybe even learn japanese together? I have never been to japan but would love to go. If any one has any tips on traveling (i.e expenses, airlines...
  10. Haxedus

    When to visit Japan?

    Hello! One of my life goals are visiting Japan, let's say for one month or so and I'm learning Japanese atm by myself because of that. When is the best time to visit Japan when I'd love to go to nature and just travel through like whole Japan? I love summer and high temperatures btw. Thanks for...
  11. Z

    Help Restaurant's experience in Japan survey

    Hi all, I'm Pirasa, student in Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. I'm doing research on enhancing restaurant's experience for foreigner in Japan. Would you mind helping me on this 5 mins questionnaire? Restaurant's experience in Japan Thank you : )
  12. Jacey0812

    Services Travel Planner for Tokyo

    Hello! I'm Jacey from Singapore and I personally have learnt Japanese language for 4 years (currently still learning) and I have planned my own sakura and autumn trip to Tokyo by myself in 2016 (total 15 days in Tokyo). I'm very familiar with Tokyo and right now I'm offering a service which is...
  13. K

    Travel Good place to go near tokyo.

    hello guys i'm headed to japan from march 31- April 9 and im flying into tokyo and staying in the ana continental hotel. I want to go see the nature side of japan like the forests, temples, mountains, etc. does anyone know some good places to go or cool events to see? This is my first and most...
  14. Kevyn Method

    Travel Traveling to Japan

    Hi, my name is Kevyn, I am 27 and traveling to Japan from May 9-30. I'm excited as well as nervous to have finally made this decision . This is my first time out of the US and I'm traveling solo, so this is an important step for me, or at least that's how I feel. I am staying in Tokyo, and would...
  15. T

    Website about Japan - Provides Lessons too

    Recommending a site that I follow for traveling and learning Japanese culture and everything you need to know about Japan! Goin’ Japanesque! | One-stop guide to everything about Japan They now also offer online Japanese lessons that come with a discussion forum! Sharing with those who are...
  16. T

    Interested in volunteering in Japan (long term)

    Hi guys , I'm very interested in returning to Japan (visited in 2011 for 3 months , as a tourist and volunteer) . This time I'd like to stay longer and learn the language. Does anyone know of any programmes where you can volunteer in return for food and accommodation? cheers!
  17. poweredbytko

    Locally curated culture and lifestyle guide for Tokyo

    Hello everyone, We have just launched a new web platform for a more local Tokyo experience. poweredby.tokyo is a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyoite. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document and communicate Tokyo's unique urban culture...
  18. A

    Studying Abroad In Japan

    Hello My name is Alex! I will be studying abroad for the first time for 1 month in Tokyo Japan during the month of August. This is the first time I'm leaving the comfort of my home town. I'm curious on what types of experiences other people have had studying abroad long and short term...
  19. RicePharmer

    Travel First Trip to Japan, HELP!!

    My wife and I are a pair of 20-somethings going on a 2 week vacation to Japan in June. We need help, and a lot of it, making an itinerary. The only thing we know so far is that we will arrive and depart at Narita Airport. We have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do, and we would love...
  20. jborchardt

    Japanese Journey - Blog

    I will move to Japan with my Japanese then wife in July. That's why I started a blog named Japanese Journey in Januar. You can take a look at it here. I use this blog for two purposes: Keep me on track while learning Japanese. Every week I challenge myself to make a certain progress, like...
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