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    Help Would you be interested in becoming a local guide for tourists on remote chat app?

    I need your feedback on this new app we developed, it called 'KINPEN'. Would you use this app? or Would you become a local guide for tourists on remote chat app? A New iPhone app 'KINPEN' is a chat app that tourists ask about local experiences or information to the locals before or during their...
  2. poweredbytko

    Locally curated culture and lifestyle guide for Tokyo

    Hello everyone, We have just launched a new web platform for a more local Tokyo experience. poweredby.tokyo is a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyoite. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document and communicate Tokyo's unique urban culture...
  3. Gia-Kansai

    9 choices for a day trip around Kansai

    You have been living in a succession of days in busy working and suddenly one day your boss tell you that he will generally set you free tomorrow because he has nothing for you to do. There are many other things you want to do but the time is limited. Just reward yourself a day trip around your...
  4. S

    Travel What is THE BEST travel guide for Japan?

    Hello -- in asking the above-referenced question, I found Japan Forum. It came up on Google. This question was already posed on here. However, that discussion may be dated, and I wished to present the question again. Returning back to the question and the feedback it originally generated, the...