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  1. Kamasama

    Freelance Translators Here

    We work with Kodansha Comics on manga projects but always open to new work. Paid work. :emoji_wink:
  2. A

    Can someone help me translate audio of people speaking Japanese?

    Hello! I have recorded audio of people speaking Japanese that I would very much like to have translated for a project I'm working on. If anyone is willing, I can private message you with a link to a private YouTube video that is fairly short in length (around 30 seconds). Help would be much...
  3. NiceVibe

    Word for word song translations?

    Does anyone know if there are word for word translations available anywhere of Japanese songs? Particularly of Asian Kung-Fu Generation or of the (first) Naruto openings, as I'm watching the raw episodes now and will listen to them a lot. If there aren't any available I will take a shot at some...
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