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translation please

  1. J

    Good Luck Flag...

    Newly found item... wondering if anyone can help me with any of the translations or meanings? Photo in black and white to highlight writing. Thank you all!
  2. S

    Translation please?

    Hi! I am having trouble translating the following, as internet searches do not appear to give me any reasonable answers! [] 素敵 [] セサ、ライクしなさい Arigato!
  3. N

    Old scroll calligraphy translation

    Could you please translate the description of this calligraphy? That is the saying, the artist, (the printer, if you can) in Romaji. And a summary of the meaning in English.
  4. C

    Translation Help for Tattoo

    Hello I'm currently trying to design a new tatto, and I realiaze this forum is Mostly for study realated questions, But I tried using google translate, and kept crossrefering alot of the words I had translated and alot came out different then the google translate, After this I tried to get some...
  5. Gavin

    Tenugui Japanese to English translation

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a small gift, a tenugui, for my Aikido sensei, but I'm not sure what is printed on it. The site I'm buying from doesn't give much information. Can anyone please translate, or give me an idea of what it says? Thank you in advance. I hope I've posted this correctly.
  6. B

    Help with translation please

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