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translation light novel

  1. S

    Translation please?

    Hi! I am having trouble translating the following, as internet searches do not appear to give me any reasonable answers! [] 素敵 [] セサ、ライクしなさい Arigato!
  2. Nikitas

    Translation checking and suggestions for Japanese video clip intro.

    So guys I have this paragraph in English that I'm trying to get translated since I want to use it in my brother's video clip intro for a song. The song will be in Greek but the intro itself in Japanese. Now, I'm no expert in Japanese so I want to be SURE that what is said in the video is 100%...
  3. L

    Are these translations correct? (light novel)

    Hi everyone! I'm translating a light novel (Trinity Blood) and I'm at a part, where the notes of the dead author are written about the further story which he couldn’t write anymore, so it’s a bit confused. I have some sentences, where I'm not satisfied with the translating or I don't know which...
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