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  1. qanww

    Need help with kanjis for tattoo

    Uuuh ok, so my sister wants to get a tattoo with the word "karma" in kanji, she doesn't speak a word of japanese and neither I do, so she sent me some words that appeared in google when searching the word karma. She mainly wants to know whats the difference between them lol 業 カルマ 宿業 Thanks in...
  2. ZorgXC

    Sea of love

    A translation for this paragraph with explanation of the grammers and kanji you will use! """ You were the only sea who I drowned in it in this life All seas are made of water And your sea is made of love and adoration I love you my heartbeat """.
  3. U

    Help Good Luck Flag - Real or fake? Can anyone translate it?

    I’m looking for a translation of this Japanese good luck flag. I believe it is written in old kanji. It would also be appreciated if someone could tell me whether it is real or fake. Thank you
  4. M

    Hanko Translation

    Hello,. I would a greatly appreciate help translating a Hanko. I have a beautiful piece of Tokoname ware. When I purchased it someone had turned it into a lamp. When I took the lamp apart, because my fascination was in the pottery and it was obvious the lamp was added later, I found a red...
  5. najmalidk

    Can someone translate and explain the language word/grammar?

    Or why was (Y/n) asked what she wanted to eat in one panel and body-slammed in the next? Basically, being asked what I wanted to eat and body-slammed after was what made me curious about this fanart. I could understand most of the text with my basic Japanese knowledge, except for those I...
  6. L

    Quick translation

    hi can anyone tell me what this says please? thank you so much!
  7. W

    Help Please Help With Yosegaki Hinomaru Flag Translation

    Hello! I recently purchased this Japanese "Good Luck Flag" at auction and although I have yet to receive it, I would like to try and start the process of translating it. I would be incredibly grateful for any help this forum could provide. Thanks yall!
  8. L

    Question Can someone translate this to English?

    Please is anyone able to translate the text into English for me?
  9. arsalan.rex

    Vertical translation from english to kanji

    Hey, Can someone please help me translate this text to Japanese " The Twisted Kunai "? It's supposed to be the title of a story of a young prodigy with a dark soul. Don't forget to mention both the literal and symbolic translation of your answer. The translation is to be in vertical script...
  10. Sergey Newx

    Question Need help to translate from english

    Hi guys! May Be anybody could help with translating this text: " Looking for a cool, refreshing way to send festive greetings to someone important to you? Newx2018 - offers you the truly special way to do this, while also sharing it with the whole world. Several simple steps and one...
  11. SMiles

    Need help translating.

    I recently acquired a statue that has Kanji on two sides and would love to find out what it says. This is on a statue of Jizo if that helps. I have attached two pics of the Kanji, if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! SMiles
  12. Eijiro

    Question I need help translating faded writing.

    Hello everyone! This will be a long shot because of the writing being not so clear. I may or may not get a perfect translation but suggestions is all I need! All I can get out of this image is ハ which is the top character. Please see image below, Thank you!
  13. JojaTheCat

    Translation Help Needed (Japanese to English)

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this 20 seconds japanese audio to English, please?
  14. A

    Thank you for your time

    Hello, could some please translate some of the kanji from this good luck flag? Thank you very much for your time!
  15. D

    Naming my, "music shrine."

    I'm a music engineering hobbyist of 5 years, and my music studio has a Japanese Shrine theme. I want to give it a name to put at the entrance of the room, but I don't have enough confidence in my Japanese to make the name myself. Anyone know what I could call the room, and how I could write it...
  16. Gavin

    Tenugui Japanese to English translation

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a small gift, a tenugui, for my Aikido sensei, but I'm not sure what is printed on it. The site I'm buying from doesn't give much information. Can anyone please translate, or give me an idea of what it says? Thank you in advance. I hope I've posted this correctly.
  17. F

    need help with translation!

    Hi, can someone please translate this for me! Thank you!
  18. P

    Help with my last name!

    Hello there! I'm very new to the site but I would really appreciate some help in reguards to the kanji symbols for my last name. My grandparents taught them to me before they passed away and I've seen them the same way on the internet. It's Hayashi and I know that it means forest, but I...
  19. Jellie

    please translate this into english

    i bought this plush from a thrift store, and i like reading the information on the tag, but it's all in Japanese kanji. i even tried finding the same exact plush online, no luck. translation sites kept throwing words that wouldn't make sense to say on a plush (examples; cow rumen, fatty tuna...
  20. J

    Need help translating Japanese address?

    Hello! I am trying to buy items from Japan using a forwarding service. I was given a Japanese address to use, unfortunately, the form is in Japanese and I am unsure of where I am meant to fill in a form for shipping and am afraid of filling in the wrong info in the wrong box. Please help...
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