translate help

  1. arsalan.rex

    Vertical translation from english to kanji

    Hey, Can someone please help me translate this text to Japanese " The Twisted Kunai "? It's supposed to be the title of a story of a young prodigy with a dark soul. Don't forget to mention both the literal and symbolic translation of your answer. The translation is to be in vertical script...
  2. E

    Need help translating this

    I'm translating a book from Japanese to English to help me to learn some vocab and test my knowledge of kanji and sentence structure. Having trouble with this one: 今日は 初めからツイてる Using dictionaries and translation websites, I've come up with this: " Today was the beginning I'm twisting." Which...
  3. Sergey Newx

    Question Need help to translate from english

    Hi guys! May Be anybody could help with translating this text: " Looking for a cool, refreshing way to send festive greetings to someone important to you? Newx2018 - offers you the truly special way to do this, while also sharing it with the whole world. Several simple steps and one...
  4. S

    Translation please?

    Hi! I am having trouble translating the following, as internet searches do not appear to give me any reasonable answers! [] 素敵 [] セサ、ライクしなさい Arigato!
  5. JojaTheCat

    Translation Help Needed (Japanese to English)

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this 20 seconds japanese audio to English, please?
  6. A

    Thank you for your time

    Hello, could some please translate some of the kanji from this good luck flag? Thank you very much for your time!
  7. L

    Love confession reply translation help

    I confessed to this teacher assistant in my Japanese class who is an international student here until December, I got really nervous and ran out after I gave him the letter. Then he texted this huge paragraph thing in Japanese that google translate cannot help me with what he said, so can anyone...
  8. H

    Help Awkward Phrasing / Translation

    I want to say "I don't have time to study and sleep. (or the other way around)" 勉強と寝る時間がありません Is this correct? Do I need to add の after 勉強? If I switch the order, 寝ると勉強の時間がありません I know that a verb cannot connect with a noun using と, so in this case, do I change it to 寝る事 or simply using the...
  9. TharakaSan

    Help me to translate this into Japanese answers in romanji format.

    My friends, I'm a beginner for Japanese language and I'm new to here. :emoji_blush: I want help form you all to translate this English sentences to Japanese language. If any one can translate this sentence to romanji format I really appreciate that. :emoji_pray: ex: my name is tharaka...