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  1. C

    What does this Japanese sentence mean?

    残念ながら ,そんなに彼が好きなのか别れたのか
  2. L

    Help Japanese Flag brought back by Navy Cross recipient

    Hello, this forum has helped me a lot with memorabilia. I purchased this flag along with another that were brought back from a Marine who saw combat in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. I’ve been told the owner of this flag was “Sadao Yatani” I’m hoping if anyone can translate a unit or address on this...
  3. L

    Help Flag and Wax Seal Translation

    Hello everyone, I posted this on a militaria forum and was given this link by another user to help me out. These items came back from Saipan in 1944. Any help with translating the flag or the symbol on the wax seal is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone, Luke
  4. ryloth

    Translation of a quote from animated movie

    I would like to paint the sentence "Time waits for no one" from the animated movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Toki o Kakeru Shōjo) on my Japanese sport car. Is there anyone so kind to show me the correct translation in kanji? Thank you in advance, Gianluca
  5. D

    Question Can someone translate this please?

    Hello everyone, someone could help me translate these four texts, I would really appreciate it: D Text1: あの支衛君が "人妻" なんかに手を出すわけが... Text2: だってそこに行くならまず私に手を出すはずだもん! text3: 続きは...互いに 生き残ってからだ! Text4: メテ火隕右 Thanks :D
  6. D

    Can someone help me translate this?

    Hello Guys. I ask for your help, I am translating a manga and I was able to translate almost everything but but I only have one page left, and I can not translate that part since in online translators it does not do not translate correctly, that is why I need your help. Thank you
  7. Sergey Newx

    Question Need help to translate from english

    Hi guys! May Be anybody could help with translating this text: " Looking for a cool, refreshing way to send festive greetings to someone important to you? Newx2018 - offers you the truly special way to do this, while also sharing it with the whole world. Several simple steps and one...
  8. Helen~

    Translation of this phrase? (research project)

    When handing in a description for a research project I plan to do, my instructor told me she couldn't understand what I wanted to say with one phrase and that I should rewrite it. However, I just can't figure out the correct expression on my own. How would you say the following phrase in...
  9. K

    What Does This Phrase Mean?

    I found this picture online, and for some reason it's very appealing to me. Can anyone translate the symbols and their meaning? Much appreciated :) Pin by Shaoni on \\bad heart// | Pinterest | Ulzzang girl, Girls life and Photography
  10. E

    Help Don't quite understand this sentence

    期待したくなくても、どっかで期待しんだなー モヤモヤまっくすだぜ、ほんとに. My girlfriend posted it and I don't get what she means.
  11. Tijana

    Japanese kanji for dojo

    Hey guys! I have been training aikido for quite some time now and this month I finally got my sensei to upgrade our website. I will be an administrator and I will be responsible pretty much for anything on the web page from context too gallery. However, one thing caught my eye here and that is...
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