1. thomas

    Finger-pointing on trains and platforms

    If you have ever wondered why Japanese train drivers, conductors and stationmasters all point fingers and call on trains and platforms, here's why. On first encounter I found this procedure quite irritating, but it makes all sense now. :emoji_smile: Question: Dear Alice, Until recently I lived...
  2. Early Japanese Railways 1853-1914

    History Early Japanese Railways 1853-1914

    Early Japanese Railways 1853-1914 is a cultural and engineering history of railway building in Japan during the Meiji era. The importance of early railways in the industrialization of the United States and Europe is a fact all of us are familiar with. To witness the amazing parallel development...
  3. Train classes

    Practical Train classes

    Shinkansen trains, JR limited express (特急 tokkyū, short for 特別急行 tokubetsu kyūkō) and express (急行 kyūkō) services usually offer the following carriages: Ordinary (普通車 futsū-sha) Green Car (グリーン車 gurīn-sha), a first-class car with two seats abreast on each side. In local traffic, there are only...