1. Mike Cash

    News Please Tolerate the Gaijins, Thank You

    Train conductor asks passengers to 'tolerate' the many foreigners:The Asahi Shimbun 南海電鉄車掌「外国人に辛抱を」 不適切として口頭注意:朝日新聞デジタル This is just sad no matter how you slice it.
  2. dotfury

    Tokyo To Narita

    Before my last business trip, I bought a GoPro camera to get some footage of Japan. This video is the first part of the Narita Express to the airport.
  3. mdchachi

    Retro Video:Tokyo Train Commute in 1994

    This was my typical commute in Japan in 1994. I had an easy commute as far as they went, just one line with no changes from 池尻大橋 (Ikejiri-Ohashi) to 大手町 (Otemachi). But I still got sick of it after a while and ended up getting a motorcycle license and commuting by bike for several years. 1994...
  4. Shinkansen_s_Head


    Shinkansen's Head
  5. Inside_Shinkansen


    Inside Shinkansen
  6. A

    Travel Rail travel in Japan

    Some common queries regarding train travel in Japan have come up in this sub thread so I thought I would try to bring together some useful info on the subject. It's not meant to be the definitive guide and I don't profess to be an expert. But I've had two very excellent holidays in Japan...