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  1. JREF

    Aizuwakamatsu Tourist Guide 2019-08-10

    A tourist brochure on all things to see in and around Aizuwakamatsu in Fukushima (PDF, 8.65MB).
  2. A

    Help Would you be interested in becoming a local guide for tourists on remote chat app?

    I need your feedback on this new app we developed, it called 'KINPEN'. Would you use this app? or Would you become a local guide for tourists on remote chat app? A New iPhone app 'KINPEN' is a chat app that tourists ask about local experiences or information to the locals before or during their...
  3. I

    Bicycle Registration on Tourist Visa

    Hello all, Like the title stated, I wondering if its possible to register a new bicycle bought online with the police on a 90 day tourist visa. I am aware that you need the recipe of purchase, ID and the actual bike itself to register. However the only form of ID I have is my passport. I do...
  4. Charbel

    why are so many Chinese people visiting Tokyo?

    I made a project while living in Tokyo, about the recent influx of Chinese tourists to Tokyo. A small team of us went out and conducted street interviews, we got some very interesting answers. If this interests you have a look at the video, and I'd love to know what people think. Thanks!!!