1. Tenjinyama Castle (Tottori)

    Tenjinyama Castle (Tottori)

    Tenjinyama Castle was a stronghold of the Inaba Yamana clan. It was also known as Fuse-Tenjinyama Castle (布勢天神山城 Fuse-tenjinyamajō). The notion that Yamana Katsutoyo (山名勝豊), the fifth shugo (military governor) of Inaba, constructed the castle in 1466 seems unlikely, given that Katsutoyo died in...
  2. Wakasa-Onigajo Castle

    Wakasa-Onigajo Castle

    The ruins of Wakasa-Oniga Castle (若桜鬼ヶ城 Wakasa Onigajō) are located in Wakasa Town, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture. The castle sits on top of Mt. Tsuruo and overlooks the Wakasa Highway that linked Harima (modern-day Hyōgo Prefecture) and Tajima (nowadays Kyōto Prefecture) to Inaba in...
  3. Kageishi Castle

    Kageishi Castle

    Kageishi Castle (景石城 Kageishi-jō) was located in former Inaba Province near the post station of Mochigase-shuku (用瀬宿) along Inaba Kaidō (因幡街道) at the confluence of Sendai River and Sajigawa River. Inaba Kaidō connected the province of Harima (modern-day Okayama Prefecture) with Tottori. The...
  4. Kawahara Castle

    Kawahara Castle

    Kawahara Castle (河原城 Kawahara-jō) is a hilltop castle located in the former town of Kawahara-machi about 10 kilometres south of Tottori City at the confluence of the Sendai and the Hatto rivers. Kawahara-machi was merged into Tottori City in 2004. The castle is also known as Maruyama Castle...
  5. Futagamiyama Castle

    Futagamiyama Castle

    Futagamiyama Castle (二上山城 Futagamiyama-jō) is located in Iwami Town in Tottori Prefecture. It was a fortress constructed by Yamana Tokiuji (山名時氏), a commander of the Nanboku-chō Period (1336 to 1392) when the Northern Court, supported by Shogun Ashikaga Takauji, and the Southern Court...
  6. Lampshade

    Tottori to Izumo trip

    I was planning a two week trip along the Seto Inland Sea coast of Chûgoku (from Hiroshima to Himeji and back), but I might be able to extend my stay in Japan and was thinking of exploring a bit more of the region. So I will be going up to Tottori from Himeji and continue along the coast to Izumo...