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  1. Rev Brian

    Gender of Torii

    My wife spends a good deal of time in Japan, and I enjoy visiting Japan as well. A recent discussion we had was about the suggestion that the structure of a Torii revels the gender of the god or goddess within the grounds. I have not been able to locate any specific information about this...
  2. Kiyonaga - Women in bath

    Kiyonaga - Women in bath

    Torii Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815) was the adoptive fourth head of the Torii family of artists. He specialized in pictures of beautiful women.
  3. Torii

    Religion Torii

    Torii are the traditional Japanese gates or archways to Shinto sanctuaries or other sacred areas. Torii (鳥居 【とりい】, literally “bird’s perch”) first appeared in Japan in the tenth century (Heian period) and are traditionally made of stone and wood, but more recent variations are also made of...