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  1. Hirayama Castle Site Park

    Castle Hirayama Castle Site Park

    Hirayama Castle Site Park (平山城址公園) is a park maintained by the Tōkyō Metropolitan Government in the northern Tama Hills, straddling Hachiōji City and Hino City, Tōkyō. Adjacent to the park is the Tōkyō University of Pharmacy and Human Sciences, the Keiō Training Centre (Keiō Museum of Archives)...
  2. Katakura Castle

    Castle Katakura Castle

    Katakura Castle (片倉城 Katakura-jō) is a Sengoku-era flatland mountain castle (平山城 hirayamajō) located on the tip of a hill overhanging the confluence of the Yudono (湯殿川) and Hyōe (兵衛川) rivers, about 1 kilometre south of Hachiōji. It has steep hills on three sides to the north, east and south, but...
  3. Art Aquarium Nihonbashi

    Art Aquarium Nihonbashi

    Art Aquarium Nihonbashi Gold Fish and Koi Exhibit Japanese look forward to the Art Aquarium's spectacular goldfish show every summer, an experience that has attracted more than 10 million people since it first took place in 2007. Today, at the end of August, Art Aquarium is launching its first...
  4. Ishikawa Tamajiman Tokyo no Mori

    Ishikawa Tamajiman Tokyo no Mori

    Ishikawa's Tokyo Forest line uses only natural ingredients for its sake and recyclable materials for the bottle. It represents the brewery's contribution to a green environment. Tamajiman Tokyo no Mori (多満自慢 東京の森) is a liqueur made of aged sake to which wood chips of local mountain cedars are added.
  5. Aso Bicycle Shrine

    Aso Bicycle Shrine

    Aso Shrine (阿蘇神社 Aso-jinja), also known as the Bicycle Shrine, is located a few hundred metres north of Hamura Weir, in Hamura (羽村), western Tōkyō. As old as the venerable Aso Shrine is (founded over 1,400 years ago), it is also well-hidden and difficult to access. Unless you came on your...
  6. Ikegami Plum Garden

    Travel Ikegami Plum Garden

    Ikegami Plum Garden (池上梅園 Ikegami Baien) is a public garden in Tōkyō's Ōta Ward. The park is located west of Ikegami Honmonji Temple and has a plum orchard and a tea house, cleverly using the elevation difference. History: Until the war, this area was the home and the atelier of the painter...
  7. Harajuku (原宿) in a 360 video

    Harajuku (原宿) in a 360 video

    Harajuku (原宿) in a 360 video Harajuku (原宿), with funky retro clothing stores and cosplay shops along Takeshita Street, and conventional, upmarket boutiques on leafy Omotesando Avenue, is renowned for vibrant street art and youth fashion. The surrounding lanes are packed with small, trendy...
  8. Shimokitazawa Walk

    Shimokitazawa Walk

    A local favourite of the trendy kids in the area, Shimokitazawa (下北沢), Tokyo (Setagaya Area) is a comfortable activity hub just 5 minutes by train from Shibuya. Formerly an agricultural field, it became a refuge for people seeking to leave the city after the great Kanto earthquake of 1921 and...
  9. Tokyo Skytree Tour

    Tokyo Skytree Tour

    Want a sky view of Tokyo? Tokyo Skytree Tour 4K (東京スカイツリー ツアー) Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー ツアー) is a tower for TV broadcasting and a Tokyo landmark. Tokyo Skytree is the tallest building in Japan with a height of 634 metres. At its base stands a large shopping centre with an aquarium. A...
  10. Akihabara Walk

    Akihabara Walk

    Akihabara 360 Tour | 360 Degree Tokyo Walk This is a 2 minute 360 degree view of the area right out of JR Akihabara station, just swipe the screen left or right to move around. Timing around 6pm. Akihabara (秋葉原) is a district of Tokyo that straddles the districts of Chiyoda and Taitō. It...
  11. JR Shinjuku South Exit Walk

    JR Shinjuku South Exit Walk

    JR Shinjuku South Exit l 360 degree Walk in Tokyo In Tōkyō, Shinjuku Station is a major railway station in the Shinjuku and Shibuya Wards. It is part of the Nishi-Shinjuku and Shinjuku communities in Shinjuku. It is located in Shibuya in the districts of Yoyogi and Sendagaya. It is the...
  12. Ikebukuro Station Tour (池袋)

    Ikebukuro Station Tour (池袋)

    Ikebukuro Station Tour (池袋) in a 360 video With numerous stores, an aquarium, and the Sunshine 60 skyscraper and observation deck, Up-and-coming Ikebukuro is famous for the Sunshine City complex. In Naka-Ikebukuro Park, indie shops for anime and manga dot the nearby streets, and cosplay fans...
  13. Yayoi Kusama Museum Tour

    Yayoi Kusama Museum Tour

    Yayoi Kusama Museum Tour in a 360 video in 2 Minutes Yayoi Kusama Museum (草間彌生美術館) is a museum of modern art dedicated to the work of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The Japanese architecture firm Kume Sekkei designed the five-floor building. The Yayoi Kusama Museum...
  14. Underneath Tokyo Station

    Underneath Tokyo Station

    First Avenue Tokyo Station, Character Street Tokyo Station Today we're visiting the First Avenue underground shopping mall at Tokyo Station. Are you ready, let's take a look at this souvenir hunter's dream? First Avenue is hugely popular with travellers as well as commuters as you can find...
  15. Odaiba Island Tokyo Walk

    Odaiba Island Tokyo Walk

    Odaiba Island Tokyo Walk Odaiba (お台場) is a huge man-made island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, located across the Rainbow Bridge from the city centre. In the 1850s, Odaiba was erected in this region for defence purposes. Reclaimed land offshore Shinagawa was rapidly extended as a seaport district in...
  16. Meguro River Illumination

    Meguro River Illumination

    This is Meguro River Illumination called Megurogawa Minna no Illumination (目黒川みんなのイルミネーション) with lights on the sakura trees. The closest stations are Ōsaki Station and Gontanda Station on the Yamanote Line. It's about a six-minute walk from Ōsaki Station, which is the one I used...
  17. Cat Café Mocha

    Cat Café Mocha

    In Tokyo, where pet-friendly apartments are scarce, cat cafes give people a break from city life's stress with some pet fun. For this, there's Cat Café MoCHA. Opened in 2015, Cat Café MoCHA in Ikebukuro lets you enjoy some time off with furry felines in a beautifully built space. Not only do...
  18. Shibuya Crossing

    Shibuya Crossing

    Shibuya Crossing in a 360 video Shibuya Scramble Crossing (渋谷スクランブル交差点 Shibuya sukuranburu kōsaten) or simply "Shibuya Crossing" and that's just when you look up. Look down, and you'll see the area's most impressive characteristic: the inhabitants. From all directions, including other...
  19. Sawanoi Tokyo Kurabito

    Sawanoi Tokyo Kurabito

    Sawanoi Tokyo Kurabito (澤乃井東京蔵人) is a junmai ginjōshu brewed according to the traditional kimoto (生酛) method. Ozawa Shuzō describes it as a full-bodied sake with both muscle tone and finesses that open with an earthy koji character and red notes fruit, plum wine, lychee, and yellow apple, and...
  20. Ginza at Night in a 360 video

    Ginza at Night in a 360 video

    Ginza at Night in a 360 video The Ginza (銀座) is the most popular upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district of Tōkyō, with many department stores (including Ginza Six mall), boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs and cafes. History: Ginza was one of the first...
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