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tokyo bay

  1. Sepp Faessler

    Looking for Tomomi (Okuma) age 61 to 62 from Kanagawa-Ken

    I am looking Tomomi (maiden name Okuma) age 61 - 62. She lived close to Tokyo, Kanagawa-Ken on the Odakyu line not so far from the sea. Her was father was engineer, working for the Shinkansen - Japan Railway in Tokyo, her mother was a teacher and she had a younger brother. I met Tomomi 1976...
  2. Tokyo Disney Land

    Tokyo Disney Land

    Disney Land as seen from Wakasu Park
  3. Tokyo Bay

    Tokyo Bay

    Tokyo Bay seen from Wakasu
  4. Wakasu Park

    Wakasu Park

    Wakasu Park next to the Tokyo Gate Bridge
  5. Tokyo Bay

    Tokyo Bay

    View onto Tokyo Bay from Wakasu
  6. Tokyo Bay

    Tokyo Bay

    View over Tokyo Bay onto Mt. Fuji in the background
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