1. Julia KaNeko

    Plans to go to Japan! Where does one start...?

    Hello, I am Lady Julia KaNeko! Hi, I'm new here and this place seems very nice so far. It looks very informative and such. So, as the title states, I do have goals to one day go to Japan. I believe that having a Bachelor's Degree is one of the essential needed in order to go. Having JLPT...
  2. BethLouMc

    Anyone have experience with working at a Ski Resort in Japan?

    Hello there, I have the opportunity to work with a company based in Nozawa Onsen. It will be general admin work for a Ski/Tour company. Nothing has been set in stone yet but I have an interview lined up. I am just wondering if anyone on here has experience that they would like to share, or any...
  3. Tipping in Japan

    Practical Tipping in Japan

    Most travel guides on Japan state that it is not customary to give tips. As gratuity is already included in bills and prices in the form of a 10 to 15 per cent service charge, many are not aware of the fact that they do pay tips. Therefore, the notion of “service = free of charge” is deeply...