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    Textbook self study - recording anwsers

    I wonder what method people are using to record their textbook answers when self studying or studying with the aid of a teacher. So i thought a poll.
  2. J

    Can anyone identify these ideograms and translate the text in the pictures, please?

    Just as the title says. I know anime translation requests are not welcome here but I've seen similar translation requests in the forum, and that's not an easy common phrase but technical textbooks' titles. It's useful for me to learn. Thanks to anyone who will help me.
  3. H

    Good books or websites for learning Kanji the right way

    Anybody know books or online sites where I can learn kanji systematically and which guides me right from the beginning till some more advanced level? There are of course a couple of sites there but mostly I saw they are just an introductory or merely motivation to start learning. I have searched...