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  1. Seiko

    Is China’s Gaokao the World’s Toughest School Exam?

    https://getpocket.com/explore/item/is-china-s-gaokao-the-world-s-toughest-school-exam?utm_source=pocket-newtab My my question is, Do Japan school have something similar to this kind of exam day, The Big Test.
  2. Helen~

    Help with text for oral exam

    Hello! I have an oral exam in Japanese coming up and one of the topics I need to prepare for it is「私の趣味」. I wrote down what I want to say about it, but would like to make sure whether it's correct before memorizing it. Since unfortunately I currently don't have a tandem partner, it would be...
  3. D

    MEXT Undergraduate Mathematics

    Hello there everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I was just wondering does anyone know any good study material or scripts for the undergraduate mathematics test. Also where can I see the difference between math A and math B. One last question would be if the EJU syllabus is for MEXT...
  4. O

    Services JLPT 日本語能力試験 オンライン模試サイトのご案内 (N1,N2)

    N1、N2合格を目指す皆様へ。 早速ですが2016年度のJLPT試験が12月4日に迫ってまいりました。 そこで、弊社のオンライン模試 (JLPT practice Online Moshi システムを皆様にご紹介させてください。 日本語を学ぶ方々や日本で職を得ようとする方々にとり、日本語能力試験N1の合格は必須といえます。 皆様をサポートするため、本や学校よりも低コストで、本番さながらの試験を何度でも繰り返し受ける事が出来るサイトを作りました! ・何時でも何処でも何度でも。PC、スマホ、その他インターネットが使える環境ならいつでもどこでもアクセス可能です!...
  5. Tatami - japanese dictionary

    Tatami - japanese dictionary

    Tatami Dictionary is a Japanese – Japanese, Japanese – English Dictionary, which still functions normally in OFFLINE mode! Tatami Dictionary consists of over 100,000 words clearly illustrated by plentiful useful examples images as well as audio pronunciation, etc.,. Tatami Dictionary...
  6. H

    Wanted 海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを日本語で受けていただける方募集しています

    海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを受けていただける東京近郊在住の外国人の方を募集しております。 テストしていただくサイトは英語・中国語(繁体字・簡体字)で作られていますが、受け答えを日本語ででき、協力していただける方を探しております。わずかですが謝礼も用意しております。 ご参加いただける方は、応募フォームに必要事項を記入のうえ、ご都合の良い日時を選択していただき、最後に送信ボタンを押してください。 各日程毎に先着順となりますが、できるだけご希望にそえるよう調整をさせていただき、参加確定した方のみ詳細のご連絡させていただきます。 【詳細】 ■...
  7. Mike Cash

    Kanji Kentei June 19, Registration Closes March 19

    Anyone else going to take the KK next month? If you're in Japan and you've never tried it, consider giving it a go. You can register online or most bookshops have the forms and can help you register the old-fashioned way. 日本漢字能力検定 The levels run from 10 through 1, with 10 through 5 following...
  8. Mike Cash

    Kanji Kentei

    I went and took the KK for the first time ever yesterday. I took level 5 and level 4. Level 5 is aimed at kids who have finished elementary school and level 5 is for kids who are in the second year of junior high. I was fully expecting to be the only adult taking the tests at those levels but it...
  9. Davey

    Jlpt 2016 July

    Since I failed passing the n2 last December, I'm going for it again this July. Who's going to take it, and how will you prepare for it? I'm searching for different methods to study. I am going to try to enjoy translating lyrics , watch more japanese tv/movies and as @Mike Cash told me I...
  10. Mike Cash

    Nihongo Kentei Results

    I just received my results from the Nihongo Kentei, which I took last month. Since I have been unable to find clearly legible specimens of the sort of paperwork one receives back from the exam I thought I would post mine here. One of the nice things about the exam is that you can take the test...
  11. Mike Cash


    Anyone in Japan wishing to take a test of Japanese knowledge intended for (but not limited to) native speakers of Japanese has until Friday, October 9th to apply for the November 11 exam. Sample questions are available on the official website to help determine level and you can take two...
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