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  1. madeintokyo

    Travel Zenkoku-ji Temple, Kagurazaka, Iidabashi St., Tokyo Daijingu in a 360 video

    Zenkoku-ji Temple, Kagurazaka, Iidabashi St., Tokyo Daijingu in a 360 video | Made in Tokyo Watch in 4K or best possible resolution for best viewing experience] Zenkoku-ji Temple. This is the Temple of Zenkoku-ji. Zenkoku-ji Temple was created by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun, in 1595. In...
  2. madeintokyo

    Journal Asakusa Tokyo, Sensoji Temple and Nakamise

    This thread is for the general discussion of the journal entry Want to visit the most historic temple in Tokyo? Asakusa Tokyo 浅草 Sensoji Temple and Nakamise.... Please add to the discussion here.
  3. thomas

    Travel Tripadvisor's Top 10 shrines and temples of Japan

    Tripadvisor Japan recently nominated the Top 30 Japanese temples and shrines, based on the reviews and ratings of Japanese visitors. See their ranking below, adorned with beautiful imagery: https://tg.tripadvisor.jp/news/ranking/best-temples-shrines/ And here are the Top 10 in tabulated...
  4. Engakuji


    The main entrance of the Engakuji in Kita-Kamakura.
  5. Butsuden


    The Butsuden (Main Hall) at the Engakuji, dedicated to Hokan Shaka Nyorai. The original building collapsed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and was rebuilt in 1964.
  6. Shorei-in


    The Shorei-in Temple at the Engakuji
  7. Sanmon


    The Sanmon or Main Gate was rebuilt in 1785, when Seisetsu Shucho (Daiyu Kokushi) reconstructed Engakuji.
  8. Shōmyōji


    Entrance to the Shōmyōji at Kanazawa Bunko in Yokohama
  9. Shōmyōji


    View through Shōmyōji's karamon onto the honden (main hall)
  10. Karamon of Shōmyōji

    Karamon of Shōmyōji

    The karamon or karakado (唐門) of Shōmyōji Temple at Kanazawa Bunko in Yokohama
  11. Shōmyōji


    Shōmyōji Temple at Kanazawa Bunko in Yokohama
  12. Shōmyōji Temple

    Shōmyōji Temple

    The honden (main hall) of Shōmyōji Temple at Kanazawa Bunko in Yokohama
  13. Kanpai Japan

    Kanpai Japan

    Hi my name is David and I am from London. In the summer of 2015 I traveled around Japan with my closest friends. It was a country I always wanted to go to but I never realised when I was planning the trip how amazing it was going to be and have such an effect on me. This film is a love letter to...
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