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teaching english

  1. H

    Help Teaching and spouse visa

    Hello! I'm currently in the process of getting a job in Japan. My husband is coming with me but he will not be sponsored. I'm trying to figure out a dependent/ spouse visa for him but some processes say I need to be in Japan first before he can apply. Is there a way we can get him a Visa so he...
  2. C

    Help Total newbee, I have no idea

    okay so my head is spinning on all this research I’m trying to do, and I just need some advice. Firstly, I want to start studying Japanese online (beginner level) Where do I start? What course do I take? Can I study with TAFE? I’m aiming to teach English in Japan even translating, or tutor. I...
  3. Bexy Jones

    Help Advice needed on TEFL and finding a job at a school after TEFL..

    Hello, I am currently looking for advice on TEFL courses and getting work in Japan. I plan on starting an online TEFL course next month but I would love to know more about which one would be best to take (which website etc). I would preferably like to find a place that could help me find a job...
  4. P

    ToYo Work Co.,Ltd. - is it legit?

    Hi, guys! Does anyone have any experience with ToYo Work Co.,Ltd.? (Should be a recruiting company.) They've posted a job offer on gaijinpot for a kids english teacher in Miyagi. I tried to research the company but can't for the love of me find anything. Have you heard about them? Is it legit or...
  5. ARThomas

    Japan ALT Research

    Dear All, I'm writing to you all to request for help and/or participation in my current research into the use of Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) in Japanese elementary schools. This research attempts to look into the level of training that ALTs partake in before teaching and how they are used...
  6. J

    Finding a career in Japan

    While I was an undergrad I met my fiancée, but after she graduated she did not receive a work visa. I was still in grad school in a different city, because of this marriage for a visa was not an option. I am about to finish my masters in TESOL, but I am unsure the best way to find a teaching job...
  7. Noe Godinez

    Need to learn Japanese in return i can teach English or Spanish!

    I want to learn Japanese because i really want to go to Japan and i just know some basic stuff the usual things you watch in animes and get the hang of them i am really good at English and Spanish if interested i could do a skype call or whatever you might find more comfortable with or maybe...
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