te form

  1. barabaraboop

    「て」 form confusion/clearing up

    In Genki 1 (2nd Edition) Lesson 6. It introduces the 「て」 form and a couple of its uses. One of its uses was 'Describing Two Activities' The example given is: 教科書を忘れて、すみません。 So with an exercise below, the task was to use the 「て」 form, specifically 「~てもいいですか」in certain scenarios. The question...
  2. C

    when to use te iru vs desu and other verb forms?

    Hi there. first post on jref! I've been self-teaching myself slowly for about a year and so far so good. The only area that's really confused me is when to use te iru, desu or a form of the verb. I understand for the most part how to use te iru, but It seems like there's many instances where...