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  1. More Tamagawa Vistas

    More Tamagawa Vistas

    If you live in the south or the west of Tokyo or northern Kanagawa, the Tamagawa River lends itself to recreation or exploration for hikers and cyclists alike. The stretch west of Futakotamagawa, in particular, offers stunning views and plenty of cultural and historical places along its banks...
  2. Hamura Weir (羽村堰)

    Hamura Weir (羽村堰)

    If you happen to be near Hamura or ever cycle the Tama upstream, take a short stop at the Hamura Weir (羽村堰 Hamura zeki), an interesting place in the local history of Edo, modern-day Tōkyō. The weir marks the historic spot where the Tamagawa Aqueduct (玉川上水 Tamagawa Jōsui) starts. The...
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