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    Living In Kagawa

    Hi, New to this forum so apologies if i've posted this in the wrong section. Im just about to embark on my journey to Japan, provided my working holiday visa gets approved. I am coming over with a slightly different ambition to most of the threads from members I've been reading. I'm actually...
  2. Takamatsu Station

    Takamatsu Station

    Welcome to my hometown, Takamatsu!
  3. Takamatsu port

    Takamatsu port

    Takamatsu has a good port facing Inland Sea (Seto-nai-kai), called 'Sunport Takamatsu'.
  4. Takamatsu Inland Sea

    Takamatsu Inland Sea

    View from Yashima, Megi-island (left) and Ogi-island