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    What Does This Phrase Mean?

    I found this picture online, and for some reason it's very appealing to me. Can anyone translate the symbols and their meaning? Much appreciated :) Pin by Shaoni on \\bad heart// | Pinterest | Ulzzang girl, Girls life and Photography
  2. L

    Symbol Identification

    Does anyone perhaps know what this symbol is/means? Friend of mine keeps dreaming about it. Thx
  3. P

    Help with my last name!

    Hello there! I'm very new to the site but I would really appreciate some help in reguards to the kanji symbols for my last name. My grandparents taught them to me before they passed away and I've seen them the same way on the internet. It's Hayashi and I know that it means forest, but I...
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    Need help figuring out what I have acquired

    Hello fantastic people of the internet! I have absolutly no clue when it comes to anything about japan, so i really hope you can help. I was at a garage sale and i bought a big old sailors chest. It was awesome and i could get it very cheap. Good deal. But, I did not check or ask the seller...